Wekiva Village is a small, quiet, well maintained and secure
neighborhood.  It consists of  60 two story Townhomes, the vast
majority of which are owner occupied.

The Village is a gated, deed restricted community.  The Homeowners
Association is lead by a volunteer, 5 member Board Of Directors.  The
Association is responsible for maintaining the Common and Association
Properties.   The Association is financially healthy with adequate
Reserve funds.  Reserves are generally used for property maintenance
and upgrades. For example, in 2009 the Association completed a near
$90,000 project to seal and paint the exterior of all Village buildings.  
Also, in 2009, the roofs were cleaned and a CCTV security camera
system was installed to monitor the entrance gates and pool area.
In February 2010, the wood fence on the North border of Wekiva
Village was replaced.   In 2011, there was a major tree cutback and sod
replacement.  In 2012, Wekiva Village Lane was resurfaced.   In 2013
the entranceway lighting was upgraded to LED and a flagpole was
installed (w/OC Grant).  In 2014 the roof on building 1 was replaced
and the wood fence section around the retention pond was replaced
with chain link.   
All of these expenditures were from accumulated Reserve Funds with no
special assessments.  In 2015 a cable contract was signed that provides
Premier HD cable at a reduced rate to all homes.  There is a 10 year plan
to accumulate and expend Reserve Funds based on an engineering study  
of what is necessary to properly maintain the Village. It is updated

The monthly association fee includes the following services:
·        Periodic cleaning and repair of all buildings exterior walls, roofs
       and doors.
·        Repair and Painting of all buildings exterior walls as needed
·        Maintenance and periodic pressure cleaning of all driveways and
·        Maintenance and repair of Wekiva Village Lane, a private road
       owned by the Association.
·        Inspection and maintenance of the fire sprinkler system and all
       structures and facilities serving more than one property.
·        Termite protection for all units.
·       Premier HD cable to all town homes, serviced by Brighthouse
      Cable Co. that includes a community channel with access to our
      security system (channel 732) where all cameras covering the pool
      and entranceway can be monitored, including the entrance keypad
      security camera.
·        Lawn Maintenance of all homes and common areas: Grass and
       hedge watering, cutting, trimming of hedges and trees and, feeding
       and treating for weeds.  This includes entranceway grass, trees
       and shrubs.
·        Maintenance of Pool, and Cabana structures.
·        Maintenance of Security Gate, and surveillance equipment.
·        Maintenance and cleaning of pond areas as needed.
·        Professional Management of the Wekiva Village complex by an
       accredited, licensed management company.

Owners and Tenants are encouraged to read the governing documents
that can be found on our website at http://www.wekivavillage.com.  

The Association also maintains a long range plan to add to and/or
upgrade Village amenities. Funds for these projects will come from
Government Grants (three have already been obtained), Operating funds
savings and any excess funds in the Reserve Fund.

The Association BOD is committed to keeping homeowners informed
and seeking their input to the decision process. For example the
Association operates a web site, publishes a newsletter, encourages all
homeowners to attend BOD meetings and uses e-mail to all homeowners
that can receive such.

All of us in the Village feel very secure. In addition to the electronic
entry gate and the security cameras, all the buildings are equipped with
fire alarms and fire sprinklers. The Village is served by the very
responsive Apopka Police Department and an Apopka Fire Station is
directly across the street.

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